GATE Syllabus And The Weightage of Important Topics For Exam 2023

Candidates aspiring for this examination should adhere to the GATE syllabus. The syllabus is released separately for the subjects relevant to the exam. The GATE syllabus PDF helps to understand the topics that should be prepared. Along with this, the GATE topic-wise weightage for all the subjects should also be analyzed. This helps in understanding the topics that can help in maximizing the marks in the exam. 

GATE Syllabus

The GATE syllabus for all 29 subjects can be checked and downloaded from the table mentioned below. The prescribed syllabus has topics that are important for the upcoming entrance examination. 

Subject GATE Syllabus
Civil Engineering (CE) Soil Mechanics

Foundation Engineering

Design of Concrete Structures

Engineering Mechanics

Strength of Materials

Fluid Mechanics

Open Channel Flow


Engineering Hydrology

Design of Steel Structures

Irrigation Engineering

Building Materials and Construction Management

Structural Analysis

Environmental Engineering

Highway Engineering

Railway and Airport Engineering


Engineering Mathematics

General Aptitude

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Heat and Mass Transfer

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Power Plant

Fluid Mechanics


IC Engines

Industrial Engineering

Mechanics of Materials

Theory of Machines


Machine Design

Material Science

Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Mathematics

General Aptitude

GATE Topic Wise Weightage

The candidates aspiring to clear the GATE examination are advised to consider the topic-wise weightage for all the subjects. This weightage is prepared by considering the last five years question papers. Adhering to these topics makes one study only relevant topics for the GATE 2023 exam. Here is the subject-wise GATE topic-wise weightage. 

GATE Topic Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

Topics GATE Topic Wise Weightage
SOM 7.75
Structural Analysis 3.5
FM and Hydraulic machine 6.75
Irrigation & Hydrology 7.75
RCC and Prestressed concrete 6.5
Geo-Technical 15.25
Design of Steel Structures 4.25
Transportation Engineering 6.5
Geomatics Engineering 5.5
Engineering Mathematics 12.25
General Aptitude 15
Environment Engg 9

GATE Topic Wise Weightage for Mechanical Engineering

Topics GATE Topic Wise Weightage
Engineering Mechanics 2.5
Strength of materials 7.75
Heat Transfer 6
Machine Design 3.75
Fluid Mechanics 7.5
Theory of Mechanics 9
Thermodynamics 12.75
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 1.25
General Aptitude 15
Industrial Engineering 8
Engineering Maths 12.25
Manufacturing Engineering 14.25

GATE Preparation Tips

The candidates who want to crack the GATE 2023 exam have to be consistent with their exam preparations. There are some expert-suggested tips that should be kept in mind to crack the exam with a high score. 

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern 

Familiarise yourself with the GATE exam pattern as released by IIT Kharagpur.  You should be well aware of the types of questions, marking scheme, marking scheme, and weightage. This helps you to plan your preparation for the GATE examination accordingly.

  1. Know the Syllabus

Go through the GATE syllabus thoroughly and identify the important topics. Focus more on the topics that carry higher weight in the exam. This enables one to study the topics that are actually relevant to the exam. 

  1. Create a Study Plan

Develop a well-structured study plan that allocates sufficient time for each subject and topic. Divide your study sessions into smaller, manageable chunks, and set realistic goals for each session.

  1. Study Material 

Resort to the study material as suggested by the experts. These can range from textbooks, reference books, notes and online resources as well. Always choose reliable sources and refer to the standard books recommended for GATE preparation.

  1. Practice Previous Year’s Papers

Solve previous year’s GATE question papers and sample papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and types of questions asked. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.

  1. Mock Tests

Take regular GATE mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment and evaluate your performance. Analyze your mistakes and focus on improving your speed and accuracy. This helps in better time management during the GATE examination. 

  1. Revise Regularly

Ensure that a revision scheme has been followed during the exam preparation. You can choose to revise with the help of notes and flashcards to memorize important concepts and formulas.

  1. Focus on Problem-Solving

GATE is primarily a problem-solving exam, so practice solving a wide variety of questions from different topics. Develop a strong foundation in fundamental concepts and learn problem-solving techniques and shortcuts.

  1. Join Online Forums/Communities

Participate in online forums, communities, or study groups dedicated to GATE preparation. Interact with fellow aspirants, discuss doubts, and share resources and strategies. This can enhance your learning experience and keep you motivated.


  1. What are the GATE syllabus and topic-wise weightage?

Ans. The candidates can download the GATE syllabus PDF from the official website of IIT Kharagpur. 

  1. How many subjects are asked in the GATE exam?

Ans. Around twenty-nine subjects are asked in the GATE examination. 

  1. What topics should be prepared for the GATE CSE subject?

Ans. Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Computer, Organization & Architecture, and Programming & Data Structures should be prepared for the GATE CSE subject.

  1. How should one prepare for the GATE 2023 exam?

Ans. Candidates are advised to analyze and solve the previous year’s papers for the GATE 2023 examination. 

  1. What topics should a candidate prepare for the GATE Mechanical exam?

Ans. Engineering Mechanics, Strength of materials, Heat Transfer, and Machine Design should be prepared for the GATE Mechanical exam.

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